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How to care for your aloe vera plant

If you are thinking of growing an Aloe Vera or Sabil plant at home, you might be wondering how you should take care of the plant, from themoment of planting such as the type of pot, type of soil, amount of water, temperature, etc. Aloe Plus Lanzarote S.L. Would like to teach you how to take care of your Aloe Vera plant, whether you are inexperienced in this sector or not. Good care of the Aloe plant will help it grow healthy and strong

How to grow the aloe plant

You already know the properties and benefits of aloe vera, so now the time has come for you to offer pampering to your own plant. It is a true gift of nature, so it is always good to have it at your disposalat any time.

InAloe PlusLanzarote S.L.We have a wide variety of natural products, made from aloe vera grown in the best conditions, from pure juice to makeup, lotions or pet products.

We advise you to always purchase items with quality guarantees. However while you are choosing between one product or another, you can grow your own plant to always have your own aloe vera gel at home.

How to take care of an Aloe Vera plant in your own home

1.            Plantation.The ideal pot for Aloe Vera

You can imagine that the first step is to plant the aloe vera. This can be grown in a pot or on the ground. If you choose the first option, you should use a container with a minimum depth of 50 cm, since the roots of aloe vera need a lot of space. In addition, this plant requires a good water drainage system, as excess liquid is harmful to it. Watch that the place where you plant it has a good water evacuation. You can use volcanic clay or arlite, with which you will create a layer that will cause good drainage.

2.                Soil for Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera requires a land rich in organic matter, padded and airy. It is convenient that you avoid caking in the ground, as they hinder the development of the plant. In this way, you can ensure that the roots develop smoothly and absorb water and nutrients correctly.

3.                Watering the Aloe Vera plant

This aspect is very important. As we have said, you should not over water it, but the irrigation should be very moderate. Aloe Vera only needs the soil to be slightly damp, avoiding flooding at all costs. It is advisable to use a drip irrigation to keep it hydrated but without rotting the roots. During the winter months, you should water it evenless.

4.                Lighting for Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a plant that loves sunlight, so, both indoors and outdoors, you must ensure that it gets as much as possible. However, this does not mean that you should expose it to direct sunlight constantly, since its pains could get burnt. During the summer, it is best tokeep it from direct radiation. In case it gets burnt, its leaves willturn brown, at which point you will need to spray water urgently and change its location.

5.                Ideal temperature for Aloe Vera

Ideally, the plant should be kept in an environment between 17 and 27 degrees. In winter, you must keep it from the cold. If it is planted directly on the ground, you will have to place a padding over the roots to protect them.

6.                Fertilizer for Sabil

Aloe Vera is a very resistant plant but still requires some care. The ideal thing is that twice a year you reinforce the nutrients of the substrate. When summer ends, we recommend that you apply a layer of earthworm humus to the plant. Thus, you can prepare for the vegetative winter break. In addition, with the arrival of spring, it is convenient to use a liquid fertilizer for cacti, and it can bediluted with irrigation water.

7.                Reproduction of the Aloe plant

If you want to have more aloe vera plants, let the shoots that arise grow up to 20 cm tall. At that time, cut them carefully and plant them in another pot or on the ground. If you do not want to have more plants, when you observe those little shoots begin to appear, cutt hem so that the mother plant will not waste resources in its development.

To learn more about this miraculous plant, be sure to visit one of our aloe veramuseums. Also do not hesitate to visit our Aloe Vera online products.

Wealso offer details about sabil in the following video:


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