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Split ends are a problem that can be avoided with the right products. Frequent cutting is not the only solution available. With the right measures and natural products, you can keep your hair healthy and your ends in perfect condition.

    How to avoid split ends?

    Aloe vera for hair gives you all the nutrients you need to keep your hair strong and to prevent split ends.

    However, it is also important to follow some hair care tips that will help you keep your hair strong and healthy.

    First of all, keep your hair hydration at the optimum level. This means drinking enough water every day, as well as using products that promote hair hydration.

    A good diet also helps to keep your hair in shape. In many cases, the earliest symptoms of a poor diet include thinning hair.

    Use combs that won't damage your hair and do your styling gently so as to avoid split ends.

    Avoid heat from hairdryers and straighteners, as they affect the strength of the hair and cause split ends to form.

    Do you massage your head frequently? You should do this routinely on the scalp to activate circulation, which will help your body's nutrients reach all the hair better.

      Solutions for split ends

      If you already suffer from split ends, the solution may lie in some of the products in this section. Below are a few of the most recommended:

        Shampoo with aloe vera

        For daily hair care, aloe vera shampoo provides you with a wealth of nutrients and helps moisturise your hair.

        With the fatty acids in pracaxi oil, you will naturally protect your hair from humidity and control its volume.

        In addition, the ideal way to apply this product is with a gentle massage on the scalp, something that we have already mentioned that can help to maintain your hair.

          Argan oil

          Argan oil stands out for its high vitamin E content and essential fatty acids. It can also provide a lot of hydration to your hair.

          It is rich in antioxidants and helps protect your hair from free radicals.

          It's the natural complement to add to your hair care so as to keep it in the best possible condition.



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