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Frizzy hair is hair that puffs up and curls, won't stay in place, and is impossible to control with styling.

It's a problem that can affect any type of hair and is very frustrating, not least because of its aesthetic disadvantages.

    What causes frizzy hair?

    If you want to prevent or stop frizzy hair, you need to know why it happens. Frizz is the product of a lack of moisture in the scalp.

    This lack of moisture can be caused by many reasons such as the weather, poor hair care, excessive use of hairdryers and straighteners, sun exposure, hair dye, etc.

    It is obviously important to identify the causes of frizzy hair for each individual. But our basic objective will be to recover and maintain the optimal level of hydration that will prevent it from happening again.

    Aloe vera products for hair are especially useful in these situations, given that one of their main properties is the moisturising effect that any of them can provide.

      How to avoid frizz?

      Whether you want to avoid frizz or get rid of it for good, here are a few tips that you can easily adopt in your daily routine.

      • Use lukewarm water in your routine wash. Hot water can dry hair out.

      • Gently dry your hair with specific towels and no sharp movements.

      • Use natural fibre or wooden brushes, as they are more sensitive to hair.

      • If you use a dryer, use cold air to prevent your hair from drying out.

      • Cut your tips at an appropriate frequency.

      • Try not to touch your hair with your hands.

      • Protect your hair against sun exposure.

      • Avoid any exposure to heat tools.

        Solutions for frizzy hair with our products

        In our online shop you can find many products for frizzy hair. These are some of the most recommended ones:

          Nourishing aloe vera shampoo

          The nourishing aloe vera shampoo has a remarkable moisturising effect. It also has pracaxi oil, which helps better control volume. Urea, the third active ingredient in the formula, helps retain water in the hair thanks to its moisturising action.

          Among other effects of this nourishing shampoo, it makes styling easier without damaging the hair and increases its natural shine.

            Argan oil

            Argan oil is also known for its moisturising effect, making it ideal for frizzy hair.

            It also has a high concentration of essential fatty acids and vitamin E, making it an antioxidant.

            You can use it for both hair care and skin care by applying a couple of drops in the morning and evening to the face, neck and neckline.



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