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Buying products for greasy hair

Greasy hair is more common than you might think and requires specific care and the right products for treatment.

Oil is actually beneficial for hair. It prevents dryness and protects our hair from external elements. However, excess oil production also causes problems. It can make the hair look more greasy and matted.

Solutions for oily hair and tips

Choosing a good shampoo for greasy hair is essential if we want to remedy this problem and prevent it in the future. Hair products with aloe vera are particularly useful when seeking to provide the best possible care.

But apart from using products for greasy hair, we can also follow some tips to reduce the likelihood of greasy hair.

First of all, brush your hair before washing it. This is actually a trick that works for any hair, but is especially useful for oily hair.

It is advisable to exfoliate the scalp to remove dead cells, as well as fixing products, parabens and silicones. This not only prevents greasy hair, but also the appearance of dandruff or hair loss problems. How to wash greasy hair?

Washing oily hair correctly is very important for effective results. We recommend warm water to start with. Very cold water will not help you to remove oil or other residues. On the other hand, very hot water can ruin your hair and cause more oil production.

Use a gentle wash, using your fingertips in circular motions. Scrubbing your hair hard does not clean it better, but causes more sebum to be produced. The best products to combat greasy hair

Apart from our tips on how to treat greasy hair and washing it properly, the right products can also help you fix this problem. These are some of the most recommended. Revitalising aloe vera shampoo with biotin and keratin

Using revitalising aloe shampoo with biotin and keratin will help you take care of your hair in many ways. Biotin combats hair loss and strengthens the hair, as well as providing vitamin H. With keratin you get a smooth and shiny result, which gives the hair a much cleaner and healthier look.

Aloe vera hair mask

Another ally is a hair mask with aloe vera, hair conditioner and vitamin E in its composition.

This product is particularly useful for dyed and fragile hair, especially for its regenerating and nourishing properties.

With this hair mask, you can make oily hair look loose and moisturised, as it will have regained its natural pH.

Always apply from the middle of the hair strands towards the tips after shampooing with a gentle massage. Then wait about 3 minutes for it to take effect and rinse off with plenty of water.



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