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Buy products for dry skin

Here you will find products for dry skin, specifically to boost your moisture levels and attain the repairing function you need.

Dry skin is a very delicate condition and can be a chronic one (often due to hereditary factors) or a manifestation of a disease.

In addition to identifying its causes, it is very important to have the right products to help you take the best possible care of your skin.

    Causes of dry and dehydrated skin

    There are many potential causes of dry and dehydrated skin. The most common include:

    • Weather conditions: living in cold, windy, low humidity areas increases the likelihood of dry skin.

    • Excess use of heating: some heating systems can reduce humidity levels to the point of affecting your skin.

    • Excessive bathing or scrubbing: all skin requires daily care, but it must be done with products that are suitable for our skin type to avoid any negative effects.

    • Abrasive soaps: soaps, shampoos and other hygiene products can be too abrasive for our skin.

    • Ageing: as a result of the natural passage of time, the skin retains less water and becomes thinner, and more dry and brittle in appearance.

    • Skin conditions: suffering from conditions such as eczema or psoriasis increases the likelihood of dry skin.

      The best products to treat dry skin

      Here are some of the best products for dry skin that you can use in your daily routine:

        Nourishing and repairing aloe vera and rosehip cream

        Our nourishing and repairing aloe vera and rosehip cream is specially formulated for sensitive and dry skin.

        Its active ingredients include aloe vera, sunscreen, vitamin E and rosehip oil, a combination of allies for dry skin.

          Wine and aloe vera moisturising facial cream

          Our wine and aloe vera moisturising face cream combines the moisturising and cell regenerating factor of aloe with the antioxidants and vitamins of grape seed oil. Shea butter also adds the hydration of a specific molecular film, alongside vitamin E and sunscreen.

          This cream has been formulated based on the benefits of wine therapy and stands out for its moisturising and skin protection effect, especially in adverse environments.



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