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Hair care is very important to keep our hair healthy at all times. However, sometimes we cannot prevent the scalp from becoming damaged. In such cases it is important to use products specially designed for this problem, depending on the characteristics we find.

The best shampoo to tackle itchy hair

There are many reasons why we may experience itchy hair. It is especially common among those with sensitive skin, as well as being a consequence of using a shampoo that is not appropriate for our hair or due to external factors such as environmental dryness or pollution.

In these cases, the nourishing aloe vera shampoo is very useful. Aloe vera provides hydration and strengthens the entire hair strand, while urea has a moisturising action that prevents moisture loss and reduces itching.

Finally, this aloe shampoo also includes pracaxi oil, which envelops the hair with a hydrophobic film and allows for better control of hair volume.

We also offer practical solutions for children. For example, the petit gel shampoo with aloe vera is soothing and moisturising at the same time, thanks to both the aloe and its plant extracts, which have a restorative effect.

How to care for irritated and dry hair with our products?

If your hair is irritated and dry, it will lose softness, elasticity and even some shine. Revitalising aloe vera shampoo with biotin and keratin can help you regain optimum hair health.

This shampoo also helps combat hair loss with biotin, strengthening your scalp and reducing brittleness.

Collagen, panthenol, hair conditioner and keratin are the perfect combination of ingredients to restore your hair's natural vitality and keep it protected and healthy at all times.

Moisturise the scalp with aloe vera

Moisturising is one of the most important factors in keeping your scalp in perfect condition. Aloe in products such as nourishing shampoo can help us keep our hair at the right levels, but we also recommend aloe vera hair masks.

These masks provide extra hydration and help restore natural PH. They are recommended for all hair types, but especially if you have dyed hair or if you notice that your hair is becoming fragile.

They also have nourishing and conditioning properties that will soften and revitalise your hair, giving it nutrients right from the root.



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