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Color and protection thanks to cochineal and aloe vera makeup

In Aloe Plus Lanzarote we also offer you the best collection of makeup products, based on the perfect combination of cochineal and aloe vera.

The properties of these two components allow us to make lipsticks, blushes and nail polishes, with very attractive aesthetic effects and all the natural protection you want for your face or your nails.

Using aloe blush will take care of your skin

Our blushes available in various shades, have as active ingredients the harmless natural color based on cochineal and aloe vera for its soothing effect.

Thanks to them, the skin of our face looks perfect, at the same time that it enjoys an additional protection and care, before external elements that can affect you directly.

The result is a delicate blush with a velvety smoothness that you will love, as soon as you apply it to the skin.

Aloe Plus Lanzarote lipstick: Hydration and color for your lips

Creaminess, hydration and color. These are the 3 goals we are looking for with cochineal lipsticks, which you can use in your daily makeup.

Its components provide a natural shine and intense color, but they are not at all greasy, so you'll feel very comfortable using them.

Remember that you can combine the attractiveness of the lipsticks available in Aloe Plus Lanzarote, with nail polish of a similar hue or contrast. In addition, our nail polish guarantee a longer lasting resistance, as well as a striking shine and much healthier nails.



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