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All skin needs specific care based on its type. And this is no less important in the case of what is often known as "combination skin".

In this section you will find all the products for combination skin you'll ever need, and we'll also explain the care required for this type of skin and the benefits that natural products can offer it.

    What is combination skin?

    To understand what combination skin is, we must first be clear that there are several types of skin. In general, skin types include the following:

    • Dry skin

    • Normal skin

    • Oily skin

    • Combination skin

    • Sensitive skin

    Combination skin combines properties of normal or dry skin and oily skin. As a result, it often has a shiny appearance and is prone to impurities in the forehead, nose and chin area (popularly known as the "T-zone").

      Best combination skin products

      Here are some of the best products for combination skin that you can use in your daily facial routine:

        Regenerating aloe and snail slime cream

        The regenerating moisturising cream with aloe and snail slime is recommended for both oily and combination skin, as it is formulated to be oil-free. It contains aloe vera, snail slime concentrate, as well as vitamin E, glycerine and even some sunscreen.

        It offers you a regenerating and highly moisturising treatment, helping you to fight the signs of ageing and protecting your skin in the process.

          Moisturising cream with aloe vera

          This moisturising day cream with aloe offers a high level of synergy between its active ingredients, which allows it to be applied with excellent results on combination and normal skin.

          Among its properties, it moisturises and protects the skin, and has a very useful repairing effect, especially if we have been exposed to the sun for a long period of time.

            Aloe vera soap

            For the cleansing of all skin types, we recommend aloe vera soap, handmade with aloe, coconut oil, glycerine and allergen-free perfume.

            Discover all the benefits that this soap's active ingredients can have on your skin. This soap creates an extremely generous lather as soon as it touches the water and is rubbed onto the skin, providing a very pleasant sensation.

              Facial routine with products for combination skin

              Develop the best facial routine for combination skin with aloe vera face products available in our online shop.

              Follow these steps and you'll be able to keep your combination skin clean, healthy and cared for every day:

              • Do a thorough cleansing, whether you are wearing make-up or not.

              • We recommend exfoliating your skin a couple of times a week to remove dead skin cells and cleanse pores and impurities.

              • After exfoliating, use facial toner to prepare the skin to absorb the active ingredients of the other natural combination skin products you will be using.

              • Use an appropriate serum to boost the skin's collagen and elastin levels.

              • Apply an eye contour cream to act on this sensitive area, where signs of ageing and fatigue are so noticeable.

              • Finally, use an anti-ageing cream to target fine lines and wrinkles, for a cared-for, rejuvenated face.



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