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Sun Protector

Aloe Vera, the most natural sun protection for your skin

Aloe Vera, in its variety of formats, offers many benefits for both our skin and our own health.

One of the most remarkable benefits it offers is related to the protection and repair of the skin, in relation to sun exposure.

Benefits of Aloe Vera compared to other gels

Aloe Vera (both facial and for the rest of the body) has presented multiple benefits among its qualities, compared to other gels. The most important of all is its diversity of uses.

As a gel of natural origin, it offers different advantages to our skin, from a repair to problems of dryness, irritation and even burns or bites, to a protection, both to external elements of our environment, as well as sun exposure.

All these benefits are linked to a practical advantage, the ease that it has to be applied on the body, with a rapid absorption into the skin. Thanks to this, it is easier to take advantage of the qualities of Aloe Vera than those of other gels, which are more dense, with fewer properties and that are more uncomfortable in the day to day.

Properties of Aloe, it moisturizes and protects thanks to Aloe Vera

The Aloe Vera aloe has an important moisturizing factor. In fact it is especially useful at key moments of personal hygiene, such as after shaving or waxing, as well as after the daily shower.

This hydration factor with Aloe Vera, has an additional advantage, protection. The gel applies a protective layer on the skin where it is used, so that contact between it and the rest of external elements is avoided. In this sense we speak of pollutants above all, which are present in all the cities of the world and affect our skin negatively.

Of course, these benefits of protection and hydration are also useful when we talk about sun exposure, because in environments where we are going to enjoy a while resting in the sunlight, there are also elements that can affect our skin.

Effects of Aloe before exposing ourselves to the sun

Aloe Vera offers a double protection against sun exposure.

The first one is the relative to the moisturizing factor that we have commented. Thanks to it, we can not only be exposed to the sun's rays with greater protection, but also to the water of the sea or the pool, to products such as chlorine or to elements such as sand. We avoid with respect to all of them a real direct contact on our skin, preventing its known negative effects.

But on the other hand, many Aloe Vera gels include an added sun protection factor, so that the application of the gel also has all the protection against ultraviolet rays that we may need.

As always, the recommendation is to use this type of gel half a hour before with protection factor and apply, several times, if our exposure will last too long.

Why use Aloe Vera products after sun exposure?

Another benefit of Aloe Vera for the face and body is that it is not only useful before and during sun exposure, but also afterwards.

Aloe Vera gel has an extraordinary balsamic effect. With burns or scars it also has a unique reparative benefit.

When we spend a lot of time under sun exposure, even with protection we can notice that our skin suffers excess heat or also some irritation. This gel offers an "after sun" effect, with which we notice a great relief in our skin and reduce the discomfort caused by the sun.

To take advantage of it, it is recommended to apply it on the same day of the exposure and the successive ones, after a bath or shower, on the already dry skin.



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