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Hair loss is one of the greatest aesthetic concerns for both men and women.

Obviously, the ideal is to prevent hair loss with products that strengthen the hair and allow it to continue to grow in optimal conditions.

However, when the first symptoms are noticeable, it is important to find hair loss products that help to keep our hair strong in a healthy way.

    Hair loss products for women

    Hair loss in women is less common than among men, but it still affects a high percentage of people, especially from the age of 40 onwards.

    Hair loss products for women focus on strengthening hair and keeping it healthy, taking into account characteristics such as hair type, length, dye and so on.

    In addition to specific products for hair loss, it is also important to take food supplements to strengthen your body and improve its defences in order to ensure that hair loss is not the consequence of another type of problem.

      Hair loss products for men

      Although most cases of alopecia in men are due to hereditary factors, other issues can accelerate the problem.

      For this reason, hair loss products for men combine vitamins and other defensive food components with elements that strengthen the entire hair growth system.

      For both men and women, aloe vera for hair and its combination with other active ingredients can offer an ideal solution to hair loss.

      Whether you already notice symptoms of hair loss or simply want to maintain your hair health, the following products are highly recommended.

        Revitalising aloe vera shampoo with biotin and keratin

        In the revitalising aloe shampoo with biotin and keratin, biotin, or vitamin H, is a key component for strengthening the scalp and reducing its brittleness.

        Keratin also helps to make your hair look healthier, smoother and intensifies its natural shine.

        Aloe vera is the star component that enhances the rest of the ingredients. The properties of aloe are similar to those of keratin and help to improve the hair's elasticity and suppleness.

          Pure aloe vera gel

          Pure aloe vera gel is not only useful for skin problems, but can also be used on the hair.

          The enzymes and antioxidants in aloe stimulate hair growth, making it a hair loss prevention tool that you should include in your daily routine.

            Aloe vera juice

            In terms of food supplements, aloe vera juice can provide all the benefits of this plant for your body, especially for its toning and nutritional properties.

            Include just 50 ml of it in your daily diet and you will notice its benefits, which include strengthening your hair thanks to its vitamins and minerals.

              When to use anti-hair loss products?

              In many cases hair loss is associated with factors such as poor diet, excessive stress or anxiety.

              Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will help reduce your chances of suffering from many types of alopecia.

              Prevention is better than cure for problems with your hair. Don't wait until you notice your hair falling out. Best to use anti-hair loss products to keep your hair in perfect condition before you develop a problem!



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