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Bath salts

Buy bath salts online

At Aloe Plus Lanzarote, we offer a wide range of bath salts so you can enjoy an experience that is both relaxing and healthy.

What are bath salts?

Bath salts are soluble inorganic substances that get their name because they look very similar to common salt crystals.

These natural bath salts are used with hot water to provide a relaxing bath while enjoying the aroma they give off, as well as the effects they can have on your skin.

Our online store features different bathroom salts, depending on their composition, whether with aloe vera and eucalyptus, cochineal, grape seed oil or pure sea salt from Lanzarote.

How are bath salts used?

To get the most from bathroom salts, fill the tub with water that is about 36 or 37º C.

Once full, add the salt and stir the water a bit to mix the salt. Then get in the tub and enjoy a well-deserved moment of rest and relaxation.

You should stay in the water approximately 15-30 minutes and then take a quick, warm shower. There are also people who prefer to shower before taking a salt bath. It's really a matter of taste when choosing how to do it.

After using them, we recommend you round out your daily care routine with aloe vera for the body, which will provide extra moisturising.

Benefits of bath salts

Artisanal bath salts offer many benefits for you to enjoy. One of them is how well they moisturise your skin when it's in contact with the salts during the time you're soaking and relaxing in the tub.

They can also regenerate and enrich the skin, as well as flake off dead cells, depending on the ingredients that make up its composition.

Generally, any type of bath salt will help reduce fatigue, especially if you can create a relaxing environment while you are in the tub.

You're also going to notice that they help keep your skin soft and young, a very pleasant feeling that can also be intensified depending on the smells of the bath salts you are using.

And best of all, you can share their benefits! Give the gift of bath salts to anyone you want and give them the opportunity to enjoy a unique experience thanks to the properties of this essential addition to any bathroom.



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