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Skin care, ALOE VERA

The benefits of aloe vera on the skin, make it your best ally, both in daily hygiene, and in case of skin problems.

It protects and regenerates the skin of your face and body thanks to aloe vera.

For the face, for the body, even for the hair ... Aloe vera is an excellent complement to your body care.

Its two main effects are protection and regeneration.

The protection of aloe vera on the skin is due to the fact that it is applied as a layer of gel or cream, which protects it from external elements. Internally, it also uses its properties to promote hydration, strengthen the collagen and elastin fibers and give the skin a healthier appearance.

In addition, it is a powerful cellular regenerator. Aloe vera offers a surprising anti-aging effect. But it is also healing. Apply aloe vera on eczema, irritations, stretch marks or acne and you will notice the results immediately.

Why use aloe vera on the skin

There are many reasons why you should use aloe vera on your skin. Its moisturizing factor is possibly the best known.

The aloe vera moisturizer, helps you maintain a hydrated, protected skin with an unbeatable appearance all day long.

Among the main properties of aloe vera, it also stands out for its balsamic and anti-inflammatory factors. Discover all the products with aloe vera that you can take advantage of after shaving or waxing, after a sun exposure or even in case of burns and insect bites.

In addition, it has a unique perfume. Whether applying aloe vera body oil, as in its deodorant or perfume format, for men and women, take advantage of its incomparable aroma and let it accompany you on a daily basis.


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