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Give aloe vera with this gift card

Surprise your loved ones with a gift card to spend on aloe vera from Lanzarote.
Sometimes we don't know which products someone needs or prefers to use. In this situation, the best option is to let them choose their own favourite product.

Follow these steps to buy your gift card:

1. Select the amount you wish to add and indicate to whom you wish to send it, along with your message.
2. Add your card to the basket and make the payment.
3. You will receive the card in PDF format by email, or it will be emailed to the person you have indicated.
4. Please note that this card is only valid at our online store

Things to consider:

*The purchase of the gift card is independent and not related to the purchase of our products. As such, the gift card cannot be purchased together with other products on the website.
*The purchase of the gift card is not subject to the gift of the month.
*The gift card will only be sent by email and in PDF format.

It is not possible to add another card of this type to the purchase.

General conditions of the order

*If you want the gift card to be received by the person to whom you are giving it, enter their email address. If not, you can enter yours.

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