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Aloe Vera makeup to get the best look while

taking care of your face

We help you get a fresh and healthy image combining beauty and naturalness

You may not have considered it as a priority so far, but offering a careful personal image facilitates new opportunities, both personal and professional. In this sense, aloe vera makeup is an ally to strengthen our best physical features and give a fresh, healthy image that combines beauty and naturalness.

In Aloe Plus Lanzarote S.L. We know very well that less is more. Even if you are tired of reading it, the reality is that makeup based on natural elements is the best alternative to give a healthy and cared for image. There is no better way to achieve this ‘washed face’ effect than using carefully chosen quality products.

In Aloe Plus Lanzarote S.L. You can find a wide range of products that help you enhance your beauty but at all times guaranteeing hydration and proper care for our face.

Get the best look

Makeup foundation

The BBCream Perfect Balance is a perfect makeup base, since it is a facial moisturizer with which you can hide small imperfections. It is nutritious, anti-polluting and has a protection factor of 15 against UVA and UVB rays. It is suitable for all skin types and has a medium tone color.

If you run out of BB Cream Perfect Balance, do this trick: make your own homemade makeup base with aloe vera. You will not get the same results but it is a good trick to get out of the way.

Eye contour

The aloevera eye contour is ideal for improving lines and wrinkles. It is a cream indicated for all skin types, with which you will be able to revitalize and improve the eye area. Apply the product with soft touches and circular massage on the eyelids and up to the upper cheekbone, every morning and night.

Simple outline

The eyeliner is one of the most accessible products that best helps us highlight our beauty. For a fresh and natural look with which to go to work, draw a thin line on the edge of the upper eyelid. Although, if you want to get a sweeping and protagonist look, frame your eyes by drawing another line on the lower eyelid. You can use liquid eyeliner or the classic one, whichever is more comfortable for you.


We will agree that the mascara is a must in our bag. Apply a layer on the upper lashes and you will notice how your look changes immediately without moving away from naturalness. If you like to recharge your eyelashes a little more, wait for the first layer to dry and apply another one.

Blushes and shadows

We recommend you choose shades of more neutral tones. A nude, peach, pink or brown can be a good option. Regarding blushes, always use a color that is similar to your skin so that it does not clash.

Velvety compact powders are available in peach, pink or brown tones. Apply them with a soft brush on cheeks and blur along the cheekbone line.

You will see how makeup is deposited uniformly and with affinity to the skin, given the ultramicronized ingredients of its formula. In addition, they are made with cochineal base, so they are harmless natural blushes.


The color of your lipstick will depend a lot on the style you opt for every day. You will never fail with a soft tone or a basic gloss, although from time to time you can dare with a fuchsia or coral. We have four lipsticks of different tones, made with cochineal. These lipsticks are last generation, very creamy and moisturizing.

The best thing is that they are free of oil, so they offer a light and non-greasy texture. You can find lipsticks in nude tone, orange, fuchsia or red.

Removing makeup

This is the most important step to ensure the care of your skin. Use aloe vera cleansing foam to deep clean and moisturize your face. It is a make-up remover mousse that liberates the dermis from toxins, returning its vitality and luminosity. To close the pores and mattify the skin, apply aloe vera facial tonic on your complexion.

The range of beauty products from Aloe Plus Lanzarote S.L. It also includes nail polishes made with cochineal, which create a film on the nail of great hardness, offering a long-lasting effect. Our range goes from a discreet porcelain to a daring garnet red, through the exotic coral, the cheerful fuchsia and the passion red.

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