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Elaborado con aloe vera Barbadensis Miller procedente de cultivos ecológicos certificados de la isla de Lanzarote. El aloe vera compensa el efecto secante del alcohol proporcionando una función dermoprotectora de la piel y aportando la hidratación necesaria. Permite limpiar higiénicamente las manos sin agua, dejando la piel suave y agradablemente perfumada.

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gel hidroalcoholico

Skin care

Aloe Vera for the face

Since time immemorial, aloe vera has been used by different cultures thanks to its many properties. Today, you can enjoy all its benefits and apply aloe vera to your face as the best daily routine. In addition to getting rid of the dreaded blackheads and oxygenate the pores of the face, among other advantages, you will be hydrating your skin thanks to a natural product.

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Facial care

Acne, pimples or zits are some of the most recurrent skin problems on our face, although finding a versatile product is not always easy. Thanks to our aloe vera products you will be able to benefit from all the nutrients and hydrate your skin with the best face care included in your daily facial beauty routine.

Cleanse your skin thoroughly with aloe vera

Aloe vera para el cuerpo
Imagine waking up and looking in the mirror to see a shiny and smooth skin like never before. Cleanse your skin in depth with aloe vera and experience all the benefits that our organic products offer you, extracted directly from the plant. Apply your aloe vera gel as a mask and show off radiant skin like never before.

gel anticelulitico


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Gel anticelulítico reductor que contiene cafeína y carnitina. Mejora la elasticidad y la hidratación de la piel, minimizando el aspecto de piel de naranja. Los principios activos garantizan una penetración eficaz en las capas más profundas de la epidermis.


Hair care

Aloe is also a good ally in hair care. Its composition not only favors the blood flow required by the hair follicles, but also helps the hair to grow correctly and stop the dreaded hair loss, especially in autumn or spring. In addition, our aloe vera gels also help eradicate dandruff and prevent its subsequent appearance.

Disfruta del cabello sano y perfumado de forma natural.

cabello sano

Aloe Vera for hair
There are many benefits of aloe vera for hair. Among them, aloe vera promotes hair rejuvenation, providing greater elasticity and preventing breakage, as it acts as a perfect natural mask. In addition, it gives shine and completely hydrates dry hair thanks to its high proportion of water.

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Disfruta del sol de la mejor forma posible

Solar Line

Sun protector

The aloe or aloe vera plant has been used for centuries thanks to its many benefits. And one of the most recurrent is as a sunscreen. The Aloe Plus solar line offers you the best aloe vera gels, products that provide a protective and regenerative function, since it favors the regeneration of skin cells and their tissues..

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Handmade soaps

Aloe Plus Lanzarote's handmade aloe vera soaps provide all the benefits that your skin needs thanks to an artisan recipe made directly from the plant. Volcanic ash extract or sea salt combined with the effects of organic aloe vera result in the best balm to protect your skin and eliminate toxins.


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