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Beauty resolutions for the year

Protect and care for your skin throughout the year

Whenever we start a new year we set new challenges and new goals, amongst which health and beauty stand out.

And there is nothing better than knowing how to have a perfect skin all year and even more if we do it with natural products like Aloe Vera. Here are some tips on how to care for your face step by step and in a very simple way. Choosing the right products is essential, but it is also essential to be constant.

Never give up on having a smooth, youthful, luminous skin.

All you set your mind you can get!

  • Limpiare mi cara todos los días
    I will cleanse my face every day.

    If there is one thing that has to be made very clear is that whether you use makeup or not, the face must be completely clean before you start using any product. To do this it is necessary to wash your face thoroughly mornings and evenings to allow the skin to breathe and absorb treatments in a better way.

  • I will not forget to tone my face.

    The tonic is one of the most important products when cleansing your face but it is the one we pay less attention. Applying the tonic mornings and evenings is essential since it helps remove any traces of impurities, besides closing pores and bringing freshness and comfort to the skin.

  • I will gift myself a moment of relaxation.

    Set aside a few minutes to apply and enjoy your facemask and enjoy it fully while  you feel how your skin absorbs a lot of natural active ingredients.  Use it twice a week and apply after your moisturizer. In this way you will help to absorb the treatment better.

  • And if I have oily skin...

    Many of us tend to have oily or combined skin. In this case we suggest that before applying any cream you should use Aloe Vera Pure Gel since it will help to dry your face and those pimples that usually come out. Spread some gel all over your face and massage gently until it penetrates the skin perfectly.

  • I will be faithful to my moisturizer

    To achieve a smooth and young skin you should moisturize it daily. And if we do it naturally, our face will thank us. Apply your moisturizer mornings and nights according to your skin type .  

  • I will take care of my eyes

    It is often said that one look is worth a thousand words, so you can't ever forget to use your eye contour. This is essential to relieve bags and reduce dark circles.

  • I will protect myself from the sun.

    Use effective sunscreen every day of the year. It does not have to be a sunny day to have to make use of sunscreens. Apply your moisturizer sunscreen every morning and so you will prevent any damage to your face.  

  • I will smile to life

    Finally and most importantly, laugh and look at the right side of life. There is nothing more beautiful than a smile, it is the most flattering complement. This requires a thorough oral care daily.  



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